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Food Delivery News, a division of the integrated media company Media Lab Studios, is a multi-media business publication that covers the intersection of food, technology, supply chain and delivery. We cover the changing world of food and how it travels from the farm to the kitchen and finally to a consumer’s table.

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Media Lab Studios

Founded in 2016, Media Lab Studios is the parent company of Food Delivery News. We are a content studio and have worked with small and large businesses, helping them tell their stories through white papers, landing pages, blogs, email newsletters, infographics, social media, webinars and videos.

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James Shea oversees operations at Food Delivery News. He earned a journalism and communications degree from the University of Oregon and spent over a decade in the daily newspaper industry as a business reporter and editor. Besides Food Delivery News, James also founded the MicroBrewery Times, which covered the microbrewing industry.


Mary Ellin Arch helps set the editorial direction and edits copy for Food Delivery News. She earned a degree in journalism from West Virginia University and started her career as an editor at the Associated Press. She was the content manager for the Richmond Times-Dispatch for several years. Arch has also edited various lifestyle publications.


Groot joined the Food Delivery News team in 2022. He serves as an inspirational team leader and brings a little fun to the office.