Capriotti’s, Wing Zone expand ghost kitchen operations through agreement

A soda fountain drink and a beef sandwich on a wood table.

Written by James Shea

Fast casual brands Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop and Wing Zone have signed an agreement with RaaS (Restaurant as a Service) to expand through ghost kitchens in California, Oregon and Washington state.

“RaaS is the pre-eminent management company for ghost kitchens and we are eager to partner with an industry leader to help expand our brands into even more territories across the country,” said David Bloom, chief development and operating officer at Capriotti’s and Wing Zone. “While we believe our brick-and-mortar locations are unmatched in the fast-casual space, both Capriotti’s and Wing Zone have proven to be successful ghost kitchen operations as well and we are eager to employ both means of operations to ensure consumers nationwide are provided the opportunity to experience the difference first-hand.”

Raas manages ghost kitchen operations and recently acquired two ghost kitchens in Los Angeles and is building two others in the region. The company is working with the two brands to identify ghost kitchen locations in Oregon and Washington state.

“Capriotti’s is an ideal partner to help anchor our ghost kitchen units given its standing as best in the category and we are excited to help expand it and the Wing Zone brand into new locations,” said Drew Padnick, President of RaaS.

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