Virtual brand Wow Bao expands into Canada

Wow Bao's sticky buns, bowls and food condiments sit on a table with a red table cloth.

Written by James Shea

Asian virtual brand Wow Bao is now available in Canada through a partnership with Ghost Kitchen Brands.

The virtual brand started in 2003 in Chicago is now available at more than 600 locations across the U.S. The company often works with restaurants and helps them utilize Wow Bao’s bowl and sticky buns as an additional delivery-only revenue stream.

“With the expansion of Wow Bao’s ghost and dark kitchen program to both Canada and Mexico, we are on track to help 1,000 restaurants grow top-line sales and increase bottom-line profits,” said Geoff Alexander, president and CEO of Wow Bao. “Thanks to partners like Ghost Kitchen Brands and the emergence of the res-tech-rant diner, Wow Bao has become the leader in the virtual dining space — providing the convenience of getting what one wants, when one wants it.”

Ghost Kitchen Brands is one of Canada’s leading ghost kitchen companies. It recently partnered with Walmart on a ghost kitchen project. The company’s focus is on helping brands scale third-party delivery. Delivery of Wow Bao is through UberEats and DoorDash and available at multiple locations.

“We are thrilled to bring the culinary quality, taste and popularity of Wow Bao to the Canadian market,” said George Kottas, founder and CEO of Ghost Kitchen Brands. “This perfectly complements our growing food portfolio and proves the continued power and strength of Ghost Kitchen Brands.”

Ghost Kitchen Brands plans to expand Wow Bao’s presence to other locations across Canada in the future.

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