Hospitality group offers steak delivery service

Uncooked steaks sitting on a countertop

Written by James Shea

A hospitality group and a meat company have partnered for a steak delivery service.

Meat supplier Purely Meat approached hospitality group The Indigo Road late last year about creating a steak delivery service through its Oak Steakhouse restaurant. More people are cooking at home during the pandemic, and The Indigo Road was looking for alternative revenue streams. After some initial discussions, the two agreed to start a partnership and offer a steak delivery service.

“We’re always looking for new and creative ways to serve our customers, wherever they may be,” said Steve Palmer, founder of The Indigo Road. “We’ve discovered new revenue streams for our restaurants and strategic business partners amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve succeeded time and time again by delivering the same quality of food and drink we’ve always served, and meeting the needs of our customers during a difficult time. This new steak delivery service for Oak Steakhouse is simply another way for our customers to dine with us.”

Oaksteakhouse has locations throughout the Southeast, including Atlanta, Ga., Charleston, S.C. and Nashville, Tenn. Under the partnership, Purely Meat vacuum seals the meat, packages it in dry ice and ships the orders in branded Oak Steakhouse boxes. Customers can order filet, ribeye, strip and chop dry age steak, and other beef assortments from Oak Steakhouse’s online platform. There’s no minimum purchase required. Delivery times vary from location to location.

“Our customers oftentimes inquire about the quality of our beef and where we purchase our steaks from,” Palmer said. “Now, with Oak Steakhouse’s new steak delivery service, our customers can order from the same supplier we purchase our Certified Angus Beef Prime steaks from. When customers purchase Certified Angus Beef Prime steaks from Oak Steakhouse, they’re supporting not only Oak Steakhouse and its employees but also Purely Meat and its employees and local agriculture.”

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