Meal kit company Sunbasket diversifies into prepared food

A yellow meal kit box with Sunbasket's logo on the side.

Written by James Shea

The meal-kit industry is increasingly competitive, and companies like Plated have gone out of business. That is why Sunbasket is diversifying into prepared meals. The company will now offer prepared snacks and meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sunbasket calls itself a “Full-service meal delivery company.”

“The onset of COVID-19 forced consumers to quickly adopt new habits when it came to food, and Sunbasket was inspired to reflect on our company’s values to better serve our customers,” CEO, Sunbasket Don Barnett said. “Food plays a crucial role in our physical, mental and social health, and we believe leading a healthy lifestyle should be easy, convenient and delicious. While we will continue to offer delicious meal kits, we believe that our refreshed emphasis on convenience will be appealing to even more people.”

Sunbasket has carved out a niche in the organic, paleo and healthy-eating sector. As part of the move, the company’s website has been redesigned, but it appears people must still subscribe to a monthly subscription service. Customers can select whether they want meal kits or prepared foods. Prepared meals include “spicy Southwestern turkey and sweet potato skillet,” “shrimp diablo tacos with roasted peppers and queso fresco,” and “spicy Sichuan mapo tofu with kale and jasmine rice.” No pricing structure was noticeable on the website, however.

According to the company, “Sunbasket’s visual identity showcases how the best foods under the sun work together in perfect harmony, creating an environment for delicious ingredients to grow and flourish, coupled with the vibrancy and creativity of the brand’s award-winning chefs.”

“It was important for us to create a brand and visual identity that matches our values as a food delivery company,” said Vanessa Meyers, senior vice president of growth at Sunbasket. “Sunbasket’s new platform balances the energy, attitude and sounds of the kitchen with the amazing, thoughtful and careful ingredients of the farm. The brand encapsulates everything that Sunbasket stands for – human connections, warm, rich energy and a wonderful meal around the table.”

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