Nutrisystem develops biodegradable cooler

Written by James Shea

Nutrisystem has developed a biodegradable cooler. Nutrisystem has invested in new technology to ensure that its products are delivered in a fresh-frozen cooler that reduces the impact on the environment while offering the same strong and secure delivery. Nutrisystem’s new coolers are biodegradable up to 92% over a four year period based on data from the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Nutrisystem has started shipping its eco-friendly cooler. Customers will have the option of recycling the shipping containers or simply mixing them with their regular trash, letting nature break them down over time. The boxes are made with thermally robust materials and can be reused or repurposed.

“We are incredibly proud to introduce this sustainable and eco-friendly cooler as part of our company’s larger mission to reduce waste without sacrificing performance,” Nutrisystem President  Tommy Lewis said. “Customers can expect the same quality and reliability we have provided for nearly 50 years and continue to feel good about choosing Nutrisystem for their weight loss goals. These coolers are just another way to make it easy for our customers to lead a more sustainable lifestyle while they are on our program.”

Nutrisystem is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products and has cut down on unnecessary packaging to reduce waste. Its food cartons utilize recyclable board stock and its food trays are recyclable and labeled accordingly. In addition, Nutrisystem has decreased the print materials included with its program, while simultaneously increasing program support through its website and app.

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