Military to offer online ordering/pickup at commissaries

A member of the military is pickup an online grocery order from a military commissary

Written by James Shea

By the end of the year, the U.S. military will offer online ordering and curbside pickup at all commissaries located inside the country.

The military has been testing the service and is ready to begin providing it at all U.S. locations. The military expects to offer the service at bases outside the United States in the future.

“We’ve learned a lot about what our customers want during our initial 11-store rollout the past two years, and thanks to recent innovations to our e-commerce platform we’ve made tremendous service and user-interface improvements that customers expect in today’s retail environment,” said Bill Moore, director and CEO of the Defense Commissary Agency. “We’re going to deliver this great service to all commissaries as quickly as possible.”

The agency said the military is responding to trends in the grocery shopping market and noted that a recent study shows 20% of all grocery shopping will be done online by 2025.

The service, called CLICK2GO, will have the following services:

  • Improved navigation and search functions
  • Enhanced product information
  • Robust recipe features
  • Featured sales and promotions
  • Upgraded mobile-friendly experience
  • Online payment

“Perhaps the most significant enhancement is online payment,” Moore added. “You place your order and pay online, and then it’s simply a matter of driving up to the curbside delivery area of your commissary to have your groceries loaded into your vehicle – that’s a streamlined process our customers expect in this information age.”

Moore said the agency-wide expansion of online ordering/curbside delivery service aligns with the agency’s strategic goals to make the commissary more accessible.

“Our CLICK2GO rollout has been long desired by our patrons, and we fully grasp that they expect us to deliver this convenient method of grocery shopping as soon as possible – they want to know when they will see it at their commissary,” Moore said. “I can assure you that we’re working as hard as we can to make this happen as quickly as possible.”

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