Olo, DoorDash settle lawsuit

A Doordash delivery drivers sits in his car with a delivery bag in the passenger's seat.

Written by James Shea

Olo and DoorDash have decided to play nice. The two have settled a lawsuit on payments and exclusivity and reached a multi-year agreement.

The new deal allows the companies to continue to work together on products and features in their shared merchant base, according to a release.

“We are pleased to have resolved this matter and continue to work together for the benefit of our merchants,” said Tom Pickett, chief revenue officer of DoorDash.

Last year, DoorDash filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Olo. The company claimed it was owed money for fulfilling delivery services, and that Olo violated an exclusive agreement that gave Doordash the best rates.

The lawsuit became public in March when Olo filed its brief to the original motions. Clearly, the relationship is beneficial to both parties, and they found a way to settle their differences.

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