Olo, Flybuy team up to improve delivery logistics

A restaurant worker hands a bag across a counter to a customer.

Written by James Shea

Olo and Flybuy, a division of Radius Networks, have partnered to improve the off-premises experience.

When a customer places an order through the brand’s app or website, Olo and Flybuy work together to provide the restaurant with location-based events so that employees can perfectly time order preparation and handoff to the customer or delivery driver. From several test projects, the partnership has seen positive results.  Brands are seeing increased off-premise order volume, low wait times and a boost in customer satisfaction.

“After working together with Flybuy and Olo, we can perfectly mirror the food freshness and quality of service that our patrons enjoy when they dine in the restaurant,” said Adam Karveller, VP of information technology at Newk’s Eatry, a Mississippi-based operator and early-adopter of technology. “Our wait times are low, our staff is more efficient than ever and our customers keep coming back. On top of that, we have greatly reduced waste, refunds and chargebacks.”

Currently, brands like Applebee’s, IHOP, El Pollo Loco, Five Guys, Hooters, Newk’s, Qdoba, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, District Taco, Burgerville and Taco Johns are utilizing the technology. The combined offering gives restaurants the tools they need to offer an innovative off-premise order and fulfillment process.

“We look forward to continuing to innovate in partnership with Olo to bring valuable solutions to our shared brands,” says Dan Estrada, Chief Strategy Officer at Radius Networks. “The Olo Ordering and Flybuy Pickup combined offering provides a frictionless off-premise order and pickup experience, across in-store, curbside and drive thru pickup channels. This dramatically improves staff efficiencies and reduces customer wait times by prioritizing order preparation based on exact customer arrival times.”

Logistics are quickly becoming a huge part of the delivery business. That means timing the pick-up correctly and giving the customer real-time information about the status of the order. Customers no longer want cold food or long wait times for delivery.

“Olo has been working with the Flybuy team for years, and we are excited to strengthen our partnership with new innovations that are shaping the digital transformation of restaurants,” says Dan Singer, svp of corporate development and partnerships at Olo. “This partnership helps our restaurant partners achieve maximum operational efficiency as order-ahead for pick-up continues to grow.”

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