37% ordered takeout or deliver due to COVID surge

A restaurant with several people sitting at tables.

Written by James Shea

A survey by the National Restaurant Association found that the recent surge in COVID cases has impacted people’s dining behavior, including that six in ten people reporting changing their restaurant usage.

The association is concerned that the most recent surge in COVID cases could significantly harm the restaurant industry.

“This development comes on top of food and labor costs that are increasing at their fastest pace in several years, continued indoor capacity limits in 11 states, and crushing long-term debt loads for countless restaurant owners,” the association wrote in a letter to congressional leaders.

The restaurant association is seeking further financial relief from the federal government.

The survey also found that:

  • 37% say they ordered takeout or delivery rather than dine out.
  • 9% canceled existing plans to go out to a restaurant in recent weeks
  • 19% say they chose to sit outside when dining out
  • 19% said they have completely stopped going out.
  • 32% would be less likely to dine out if masks were required
  • Younger customers were more likely to express a positive attitude toward masks
  • 32% would be less likely to dine out if proof of vaccination was required, but 35% said the requirement would make them more likely to dine out.

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