Sysco to offer moisture-reducing packets to customers

A pizza in a box with a SAVpak inside the box.

Written by James Shea

Soggy food is a major problem with delivery. Sysco Corporation and SAVRpak have partnered to find a solution.

SAVRpak produces a freshness packet that reduces the amount of moisture inside a delivery container. The packets stick to the top of the food container and remove the moisture from the air, keeping food fresher. Through the agreement, Sysco will add the packets to the products restaurants can purchase through its ordering system.

“We are very excited to offer SAVRpak to Sysco’s customers through the Cutting Edge Solutions platform,” said Judy Sansone, Sysco executive vice president and chief commercial officer. “Takeout meals will continue to be an important offering for restaurants, and this new technology will support our customers’ success by ensuring that meals provided through takeout, delivery or curbside travel well and taste the same as dine-in.”

SAVRpak’s paper and plant-based solution uses no chemicals and is expected to receive its biodegradable certification later this year. SAVRpak was named the winner of the 2021 P&G Ventures Innovation Challenge and Best Sustainable Packaging in the 2021 World Food Innovation Awards.

Packets are stored in the freezer and removed when it is time to be put into the delivery container. The product is food-safe.

“We designed SAVRpak solely to fix our problem when you get delivery food to your own house, by the time you open it, it’s gross and soggy,” SAVRpak co-CEO Greg Maselli “SAVRpak acts as a magnet and takes that moisture out of the air and keeps food fresh.”

He said the product is designed to give restaurants the confidence the quality of the food will be the same as in a restaurant.

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